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Who we are

Welcome to Fillmore's, located in Dharawal country, home to the Wodi Wodi people.​ Fillmore's is a licensed plant-based cafe that is art & culturally focused, creating a space that is inclusive, accessible & building community.​


Fillmore's has a strong passion for original live music, showcasing high quality musicians in a very unique and comfortable setting of an old 1950's bakery.


Fillmore's gained its name from the 1965 Volkswagen Kombi that is the centre piece of the service area called Fillmore. The space was leased as a garage for Fillmore to be stored in between him working as a mobile cafe. The old bakery had such a great energy that the owners decided to put in a lot of hard work & love in to the space and bring it back to life to let Fillmore trade in his garage... and so, Fillmore's was born.​


Fillmore's welcomes artists & audiences from all backgrounds. Some previously performing artists have origins in West Africa, Argentina, the Caribbean, Fiji, Eastern Europe, UK, US and of course, Australia and New Zealand.​


At Fillmore's we believe every decision is important & to always be mindful of our impacts, considered choices can help create a healthier future. Fillmore's sources all its products fresh, local & sustainably. When creating the cafe, the shop was fit-out with recycled building products & up-cycled vintage furniture, we continue to reduce waste in all areas possible. 


Fillmore's focuses on building relationships with local food & drink suppliers. We don't offer take-away food as we choose not to be focused only on the transaction, we are about healthy relationships with our customers. We believe in family, community and supporting one & other.  


Whilst providing such a beautiful space for all to enjoy over lovely plant-based food and range of drinks, Fillmore's also plays a key role in supporting live music at the grassroots level.


Music has always been part of mankind's  story & day-to-day living

It is in our genes, firmly set in our DNA

It reminds us we are living

It tells our story

Music was our ancestor's first form of communication

It is our only true international language


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